I am a business consultant and live in Belo Horizonte, a major metropolis of Brazil (four million inhabitants). I have never had woodworking training.  However, I am a self-taught amateur wood artisan.

My workshop is cramped in the walk-in closet (7x6 ft. total area).  I have no power tools except for a power hand drill.  All my artistic production has been made during my spare time (evenings and weekends).  Early on I decided to replace most of the usually mechanized operations by the single specialty of woodcarving, due to lack of room and also to avoid the dust and noise produced. 

In order to develop some proficiency, early on I decided to focus my woodcarving activity on a unique style, the Brazilian colonial Baroque/Rococo Style.  My preferred wood is the true Rio Rosewood (“jacaranda-da-baia”, Dalbergia Nigra) reclaimed from demolished country buildings. 

All my pieces are original since I never copy an existing one.  I develop and draw the whole project solely guided by my personal interpretation of the chosen style.

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